What do we offer?

Topics Related to the Four Core Values:

F ather’s Love revealed through the Lord Jesus Christ

I  ntimacy, Presence, & Hearing God’s Voice

R estoration of the Heart / Soul

E xtending the Kingdom through the equipping, empowering and anointing of the Holy Spirit


We teach, preach and minister prophetically, as the Spirit leads. We ground our teaching of these revelations in the Bible and we also share from our experiences to make these revelations practical and concrete so that folks can apply these truths to their own lives. We also love to pray with people and see the Lord touch their lives as what he has given to us over the years in this atmosphere of revival and renewal is imparted to them. We love to agree together with people we minister to for the breakthrough that they long for in their lives.


  • We conduct week long (5-day) schools that cover the four core value teaching in some degree of depth. We have been doing these schools with Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship for a few years now in places like Uganda, Italy, Indonesia, etc.
  • We do weekend seminars that provide an appetiser for the main course!
  • We are also happy to do “one-off’s” at a Sunday service or during the week.
  • We are basically here to serve the body of Christ so whatever works for you we will try to accommodate (within reason!)

In all that we do we try to create an atmosphere where the people we minister to can have personal encounters with God for themselves. We know from experience that our hearts are more radically changed when we encounter the person of God through his Holy Spirit than any other means.



Workshops on Prophetic Art



In addition to the above, Elsie, who is a professional artist and who does prophetic art, can also conduct workshops in the area of the visual arts and their role in worship and Christian life. Have a look at her business website, www.elsieunderwood.com, to capture a feel for the watercolour and ink landscapes that she does. Her artwork has been sold in North America and internationally. Most recently she was commissioned to do seven pieces for members of the Israeli parliament.

Taking teams on Missions Trips


When we go on missions trips, like to Nicaragua, Brazil, Ukraine, India, St Lucia, etc., we like to take teams of keen people with us. One of our mandates is to expose as many Christians to short-term missions as possible. So as we post our mission trips on this website and you become aware of them send us an email if you are interested. There is an application process and we seek to discern from the Lord those who should join us on each of our trips. As you can imagine, a mission trip is going into the enemy’s camp and we don’t want to have to expend time and energy on resolving conflicts within our team when we need to be focussing on the task at hand.


A Missions Agency


The Peniel Mission is registered with the government of Canada as a missions agency. Therefore, we want to provide a covering and structured support base (in terms of oversight, pastoral care and administrative support) for those who feel called to the missionfield – wherever that is. Many people these days, especially those who have experienced renewal, do not necessarily fit into the typical missions agency. The Peniel Mission is here to serve as an alternative to traditional missions agencies. Send us an email if you feel called to full-time, self-supporting missions, agree with our ethos and are looking for a safe base of support as you launch out into what God has called you to be and to do.